Cleaning house ahead of New Year's Eve

Cleaning house ahead of New Year's Eve

When we mentioned New Year, there is an indispensable tradition worldwide on this day. People in this day tend to clean their houses to welcome the luckiness of the following year. Today in this blog, let's understand why & how important is this tradition, shall we?

The necessity of deep cleaning our house ahead of New Year?

We clean our house every day to keep everything as hygienic as possible, because the living environment around us considerably affects on our health. So, a deep clean for your home ahead of the New Year holiday is highly recommended. Besides, sweep away the previous year's bad luck, and head to a fruitful future. Deep cleaning involves cleaning your house thoroughly and at every level.

Variations around the world

Cleaning houses are seemed to start in Asia, where people tend to sweep away the dust to prepare for the Lunar calendar's New Year. Then, this superstition spread out to many countries in Asia, such as Thailand, Japan... then move to Europe regions, such as Balkans & British. 

How to do it?

Move the furniture & vacuum thoroughly

Many people have the odd habit of vacuuming around furniture rather than moving it out of the way. It doesn't clean as much as before, there are dusts & mops under the bulky bed, couch & sofa... Move it out of the way for your new year cleaning. That way, you’ll be able to vacuum as much as possible.

Open the window to air out the house

Considering opening windows and doors to air the house out. Odors have a nasty habit of lingering, but a blast of fresh air can quickly eliminate them. Plus, the fresh air will leave your home smelling wonderful and eliminate the stale air inside.

Get below eye level when doing deep cleaning

Many people make the mistake of cleaning at eye level (or countertop and table level at most). The thing is, all sorts of dirt, dust, debris, and gunk collect down near the floor. So don’t forget to get down low and clean at or near ground level. 

Gifts to encourage the cleaning spirit

Cleaning a big house is time consuming & needs great effort, so involving the whole family is an excellent idea! It's great for the adults to look over their home once, and perfect for kids to understand & improve their home space. Even though you could start a cleaning competition with a prize for the one who wins the competition, this creates an eagerness for everybody to try their best to finish the work. And for us, a new pair of shoes for the New Year holiday is a wonderful gift to redeem! A new shoe means a new kick-start for a new year, travel to achieve as much as success as you want! 

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