Everything you need to know about Bunions (Treatment Extra)

Everything you need to know about Bunions (Treatment Extra)

Foot pain is always a headache problem for many people from years to years. There are many types of foot pain, to name a few: toe pain, arch pain, heel pain... But we consider that one of the urgent foot pain is Bunions. After this, we will understand what causes bunions, the symptoms of bunions, how to get rid of a bunion, how to prevent bunions from getting worse, bunions treatments.

What is a Bunion?

A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. As the bunion grows, the big toe may turn toward the second toe and cause swelling and pain with shoe wear. 

Bunions on big toe appear in the MTP joint (the joint between toe & feet bones).

A smaller bunion called bunionette (tailor bunions), which occurs on the joint of your little toe.

Bunion Progression

Bunions usually start small but get worse over time. The joint between your foot & your toe flexes every step, causing the joint (called MTP joint) to grow bigger in an abnormal condition & result in painful feet.

In some severe cases of bunions, the big toe may angle to the second toe, it could be under or above the second toe. As the sequences, this can result in hammer toe deformities. 

Causes of Bunions

Some factors cause Bunions pain:

  1. Wearing poorly fitting footwear: Small & narrow pointy toe box, Tight Peep toe...
  2. Foot stress & injuries: Plantar fasciitis, arthritis...
  3. Heredity: Inherit feet shape likely to develop bunions.


 The signs & symptoms of bunions may include:

  • Redness & inflammation or soreness around your big toe joint
  • Pain & tenderness that comes & goes
  • Stiffness & Limited movement of the big toe
  • Calluses & corns on the bump

How to Treat Bunions?

Most non-painful bunions treatment cases appear without surgery, you can take some bunion treatments at home:

  • Change your footwear: Wearing wide-width shoes, a deep toe box.
  • Bunions pad corrector: Soft pads wrapping around your bunions to protect your toes.
  • Ice pack method: 5 minutes every day to ease the pain.
  • Take pain relievers: Paracetamol or ibuprofen for immediate bunions pain relief.
  • Physical therapy: Massage to exercise your toes.
  • Orthotics & Other Devices: Orthotics (Insole Support), Toe spacers or Splints.
If you tried all of the above methods and the bunions' pain keeps going, we suggest you see a doctor for a deeper medical interfere (such as surgery...).

Tips to prevent Bunions

In most cases, choose your shoes wisely. They should have a wide toe box, usually avoid pointy toes shoe type so that there are spaces for your toes. Your shoes should conform to the feet's shape so that it doesn't squeeze your foot.

To sum up!

Bunions are just one of many problems you could face in real life. But don't worry, with our brief blog, you can understand what you are facing and solve it in the fastest & easiest way. After all, treating your feet well will bring about good mental health, improving your quality of life.

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