Forget about 2022, it's 2023-breaking style

Forget about 2022, it's 2023-breaking style

It's been an original year! 2022 finally ends, and we're looking forward to a fruitful 2023. Fashion witnessed a massive change itself, the vintage-looking, bohemian styles and more appeared & became the top trend. But we strongly believe that casual workwear & sportswear will be the fashion trend in 2023! Let's take a swift look at these styles and how to design your 2023-breaking style!

Fold up the old one to open the current

We spend thousands of dollars on clothes each year, and why is it still so tempting to keep track of the current trend? What could be more intriguing than being the first to create the latest fashion trend? Besides, clothes have their life cycle, their colors washed away over time, their fabric tears off after washing processes... So it's essential to get yourself new clothes. New clothes in New Year means new luck for that year.

Casual & Elegant Workwear

Do you need clothes to make you look elegant & decent? Do you feel mature clothes do their job so well that you can walk with 100 percent confidence? We bet Casual Workwear is for you! The combination of unique elegant design & the smooth, clean casual vibe will elevate your daily look to another level! And Workwear style will bring up an entirely comfortable for a working day!

A smooth, seamless Blazer mixed with bold color trousers, and finish the look with a casual white t-shirt. Sounds comfortable, right? 


Active Sportswear

Set the casualness aside, we move to another fashion vibe. The casual workwear priority is comfort, but comforts go along with a dynamic vibe sound good? Welcome to the Active Sportswear style era! You will find this style has everything you need, such as youth, energetic & enjoyment. A typical legging to build up & show your shape, a cropped t-shirt or a bold sweatshirt for a dynamic vibe, all of the sportswear pieces have a sleek & sporty itself. Keep yourself at ease & it will go on perfectly with your style!

How to mix & match?

We've gone through two styles that have the potential to take the top spot of the 2023 fashion trend, so there is always a question: "How could we wear it properly?". As you can see, we gave you some recommendations above and we need to finish our look with footwear.

For casual Workwear, with comfort being our priority, sandals/heels, casual shoes, or even boots will be our best selection! These suggestions below will suit nearly every color that will appear on your Workwear choices!


For dynamic Sportswear, a pair of sports shoes is a must! You can't miss out on our up-to-date sports shoes collection! Besides, if you are experiencing foot pain, visit our Foot Health Accessories for an ideal solution! 

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