Let's celebrate a cheerful National Sticker Day

Let's celebrate a cheerful National Sticker Day

Do you know what is sticky and what you see almost everywhere, on cars, phones, fridges, or on the helmet? It's stickers! Stickers are an easy way to add emotions to things around us. For instance, you can tell a pot of plant & its owner have positive energy by seeing cheerful stickers around it. It's interesting, isn't it? To honor the secret power of stickers, we're willing to share the joy with you on the upcoming National Sticker Day!

History of stickers

Stickers invade everywhere, on the internet, on the street, at school, or even on your refrigerator surface. So are stickers a modern invention? That is not quite right, because the early stickers are simple adhesive paper, which you can now find as postage stamps. Their mechanism is simple, wet the sticker's back and stick them onto another paper surface, after a few minutes, it will stay attached to the paper surface.

Sticker types & National Sticker Day Activities

You can find many designs, many sticker types nowadays on the internet, in stores... And for the sticker types, they can be identified by materials & formats. There are 4 most common materials you can find elsewhere on the internet, they are paper stickers, textured paper, vinyl & BOPP. Each has its characteristics and use for different purposes. Also, you can define by sticker formats whether they are in a cut-to-size (die cut), kiss cut, assorted sheet or roll. 

To celebrate National Sticker Day Activities, you can order a new sticker sheet  to redecorate your stuff & living space, or give it to others as a gift. Besides, it's great to design your own sticker and print it by yourself, or you can find many sticker makers across the internet. 

Stickers can elevate your stuff's appearance & add emotions!

Stickers are not just a piece of paper, it's also a way to express our characteristics & emotions! Stickers are fun and help our laptops stand out to others who don't have stickers on. And who doesn't love putting a sticker on personal stuff? Furthermore, stickers are also popular to be stuck on shoes/clogs... Sometimes, stickers work as brand recognition or add highlights for our shoes. We have conducted some of our shoes that have stickers & can be stuck to elevate your look to an exceptional level! 

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