Blow Moccasin Cowgirl breeze into Fall Season

Blow Moccasin Cowgirl breeze into Fall Season

What did you wear last season? Stepping in a new season with different types of fashion each year? Let's find out what's the upcoming sandals shoe trend together, shall we?

Western Cowgirl Style

In our footwear closet, we usually stock casual sandals & shoes that fit our essential needs. They often carry the daily vibe, regular design with supportive factors such as nano-foam padded sole, roomy toe box, sweat-wicking... Well, it's your everyday piece of clothes and seems too familiar to you, we want to bring up something refreshing for you, only this year. Have you ever heard about the word Moccasin before? It's the best casual wear that carries the cowboy vibe! 

Origin of Western Style

This style has been widespread in America first then worldwide. It derives its unique style from clothes worn by cowboys, ranchers, and workers in the 1800s in the Wild West. Western-style dresses changed over decades, suggesting fancy additions and decorations to the original style in the 19th century. Nowadays, you can find the eye-catching cowboy style almost everywhere among urbanites, and it could be recognized thanks to western movies and country music singers.

How to wear it properly

To ideally create a mix-match outfit for Western Style, we need many pieces such as cowboy hats, wild west worker shirts, accessories, cowboy pants, cowboy boots, western jackets... But we want to bring it closer to daily wearing style, so a cowboy boot is a perfect piece. You could easily mix cowboy boots with a long dress, denim jeans, or cargo shorts with a flannel shirt... 

Traditional cowboy boots are usually made of cowhide leather and have a stacked heel, round pointed toe, and a high shaft (often up to the knee). These days, an advanced version of it is called roper, they has a low heel with a shorter boot shaft that stops above ankle but before middle of the calf. Modern ones could be made of "exotic" alligator, snake or ostrich. They are also often adorned with hand tooling and have decorative stitching.

Fall Season Only - Moccasin Cowgirl Boots Collection

We're so proud to introduce our special Autumn New Moccasin Boots Collection. We've conducted our best Western Boots Style for you to choose from, these are made of high-quality leather, ensuring all essential elements such as breathable, soft soles, and pressure reduction. We believe you will be the first to bring up the feverish Western Country Fashion in your neighborhood! 

Final thoughts

Modern cowboy style doesn't mean it has to be complete cowboy, it's your free will to mix & match to create your own version of western cowgirl style. It could be perfect outstanding in the crowd no matter what age you are in. So, what are you waiting for? Let's take a journey through our Collection today!

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