Shines your style through hot summer!

Shines your style through hot summer!

Summertime is always a relaxing moment! We can feel the sound of ocean waves, the flip-flop sounds on the sand, and feel the sun shining above our heads from day to day.
Everybody loves swimming, outdoor activities, sunbathing... To do these activities, we need to go out, but with what, shoes? It's too airtight, your feet easily get sweaty, so we would like to say: "It's Summer Sandals!"
Let's dive into this blog to see which types of sandal are perfectly worn for the summer!


When talking about summer, we can't miss the Flip-Flops.

It's the signature of the sea, The Summer Sandals Comfortable! Just a soft rubber sole, designed in flat combined with a T-strap which distributes your big toe & the remaining perfectly!

Flat Sandals/Slides

We have the second most popular sandals, The Flat Sandals!

Simple in the construct but vary in design & material, it could be a rubber flat, leather, canvas... This is the best travel Sandals!

When you are ready to go out, all you need to do is slip your feet into your flat sandals. The sole is usually made from rubber to provide soft & springy factors, open toe & no heel embraces provide a breathable element, keeps your feet cool & dry all day long! 

After that, an advanced version of flat/slides come into existence: Mules Sandals. Carrying the same vibe, but usually has a covered upper, which looks like a shoes sandals.

Platform & Wedge Sandals

The Platform offers thick but soft soles, helps you in soothing your feet & height-increasing! Furthermore, it prevents water from flooding into your feet.

The Wedge (Dressy) Sandals is the best sandals support your feet, they usually have an arch support element, a soft & cushioning footbed that helps distribute pressure evenly. That's why it's the best sandals for plantar fasciitis women's!

Strappy Sandals

Many types of sandals don't fit you very well? We bet Strappy Sandals are for you!

Straps embrace your feet perfectly, hold your feet in place, avoid slipping out, perfect Sandals Travel. Besides, it brings along the gladiator vibe, creates a highlight for your feet!

Toe Ring Sandals

Big Toe? Tired of toes aching? The Toe Ring Sandals are specially made to solve problems like these! 

Carrying a similar concept to Flip-Flops/Thong Sandals, a Big Toe Loop Design distributes your toes evenly, prevents toe aching, shock. 


Except for all the above sandals, there are so many different types of summer sandals for women, we believe you could easily shine your style with these five trending & comfortable sandals! 

Besides, you should choose sandals from a trusty brand, good quality & durable products always are our desire!

Keep your summer spirit up & let your style bloom under the shiny sun!

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