Wide-width feet? Just walk with confidence with our shoes

Wide-width feet? Just walk with confidence with our shoes

All footwear comes in different sizes, colors, designs, and materials... But even if they have our desired design & color, we would have to put it off because of size matters. With this blog, we're willing to share a few common problems of having wide-width feet & how to improve the situation. Besides, we will recommend a few shoes that are designed for women with wide-width feet! Let's dive in, shall we?

Understanding wide-width feet

If you always have to choose one size larger than your standard size for wide enough for your feet, you may consider having wide-width feet.

Wide-width feet are typically genetic, but people with flat arches can also be prone to having wide feet. If your feet are wide due to genetics, there is little you can do. But, if your footbed is wide due to flat arches, you can slim your foot width slightly by investing in insoles. Insoles can help raise the arch of your foot so that your footbed does not flatten and expands your shoe's width.

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Another condition that can cause wide-width feet, called bunions. Bunions are also genetic, but growth can be expedited by wearing shoes that are too small. Wearing high heels excessively can also cause bunions to form. Corrective surgery is available in extreme cases if bunions continue to grow and become painful over time.

Common problems

Wide-width feet are usually a headache issue, we always have to choose one size larger than our standard size and these sizes are often very scarce, some brands just manufacture their shoes up to size 11US (8.5EU). On the other hand, if we wear our standard size shoes, we're more likely to experience foot problems, such as bunions, corns & calluses, swollen feet... And they're disturbing our daily activities! 

Walk with confidence from today!

If you are experiencing thousand days of having a hurtful foot, if this period prolongs, you may feel difficulty in walking sooner or later. We understand your desire because we are also struggling with this situation. We decided to research wide-width footwear, and start making them. They are wide-width shoes/sandals MADE FOR YOU! We're happy to share with you some extra room & fashionable footwear, feel free to take a short journey around our Shoes River! Read till the end, we leave a secret at the bottom of this blog! 

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